Meet Brittany Young. Birmingham, Ala. native. Four-time state champion at Midfield High School. Current program director and content manager for Alabama Public Radio (WUAL 91.5 FM Tuscaloosa) and volunteer with Together Assisting People nonprofit. Former co-volunteer girls basketball coach at Rutledge Middle School in Midfield, Ala. Former Alabama Public Radio and WBMA-TV news intern. Former sports director at WMSV FM radio and sports writer for The Reflector News. Former Mississippi State women’s basketball player. She has a bachelor’s degree in communication with a concentration in journalism from MSU and a master’s degree in telecommunication and film from The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa. At the U of A, she served as a graduate research and teaching assistant. Her research focused on gender and social issues within sport, media and society.

B.Young & Company’s purpose is to create a platform to further examine the gender and social issues within sport and multimedia and offer a deeper analysis about topics that are rarely discussed by media outlets. In addition, sport mirrors society in many ways, so B.Young & Co.’s goal is for followers to gain enough insight to understand the changes that are necessary for sport, media and society to grow for the better. In addition, B.Young & Co. was designed to cover stories that make a difference and provide a voice for coaches, athletes and fans who wouldn’t have one otherwise. “Conversation is the birthplace for change.” Renada Romain

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  1. Byoung This is Mr. Smith just like I told you I checked out your page and I love it. Keep up the good work.

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