Brittany is currently the program director at National Public Radio statewide affiliate, Alabama Public Radio. A part of her job is producing station identifiers, promos, listener testimonials and other branding materials for APR. The following audio material has or is currently airing on APR. To hear Brittany’s on the air, you can listen online at

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 A Prairie Home Companion Ticket Giveaway 

Pensacola Opera Ticket Giveaway

Alabama Public Radio Community Voices Station Identifiers

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Version 4

Version 5

Statewide HD1 Station Identifier

HD2 Station Identifier

HD3 Station Identifier

Friends of WUAL Party Promo

Tuscaloosa Tour of Kitchens Promo

 WHIL Pub Event Promo 1

 WHIL Pub Event Promo 2

APR Car Donation Promo 1

APR Car Donation Promo 2

APR Car Donoation Promo 3

APR Car Donation Promo 4

APR Car Donation Promo 5

APR Car Donation Promo 6

APR Car Donation Promo 7

APR Car Donation Promo 8

HD2 End of Hour Break

Open Meetings Notification

Underwriting Intro

Speaking of Pets Intro

Day Sponsorship


The following audio and writing samples were completed by Brittany during her internship at APR. She served as a news intern producing copies and isolating soundbites for reporters and anchors. She covered various topics including business, city ordinances, infrastructure, health and many more.

APR Sports Audio

Click links below to access articles.

Civil Rights Symposium Copies

Baby Palooza Copies

Alabama Scale Back Copy


West Alabama Works Job Fair Copies

Montgomery Amnesty Program Copies


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