I Used to Love Him: From a Player’s to a Coach’s Perspective – The Finale

Feb. 17, 2016 179
Coach K and Coach Young after a double-digit semifinal victory over Evans to advance to the championship game to face Prairie Cove.

“Can I kick it? Yes, you can! Well, I’m gone!”… Now, don’t get me wrong, I know kids will be kids; rather, teens will be teens. And we did have some great times with the girls; we would horseplay with them, practice with them (to help make them better and because we would always be short-handed) and we would would discuss what they wanted to do with their lives. Some of them wanted to be accountants, veterinarians, as well as pursue other professions. So, we stressed how important it was for them to be respectful and to put their best foot forward in the classroom.

Again, I can’t speak for Coach K, but coaching brought about mixed emotions: I was fresh out of graduate school transitioning into corporate America – or the “real world” as it’s so often referred to – so I was still figuring out the woman I was and the woman I wanted to become. It’s tougher than people realize to be yourself and have fun, as well as be an authoritarian at the same time. On one hand, you’re relatable to the girls because of the small age difference; on the other hand, the small age difference causes both the coaches and players to get beside themselves.

Even though the girls didn’t know our exact ages, they knew we were young; so, sometimes they got too comfortable. On the flip side, K and I didn’t just see the girls as our players, but as our little sisters: we loved them and wanted to see them do well. But, when your little sister gets out of line, you want to jack her up. Then, reality kicks in – they’re someone else’s child, you’re the child’s coach and you can’t jack them up… I learned this the hard way. Lol.

Nevertheless, K and I still wanted to show the parents and players a token of our appreciation for senior night  (the last home game of the regular season where the 8th graders are recognized for their service as a student-athlete). We only had two 8th graders so K and I wanted to honor all the girls. We were last minute pulling things together, and I’ll take most of the blame because K mentioned it early in the season, but I put it off. We were running out of time and we didn’t have a clue of what to get the girls that was within our budget and that would be ready by senior night. On top of this, K grew ill and informed me she was going to miss senior night. Not only were we going to be empty-handed, but I was going to look bad by myself. Lol. Oh, but God worked it out like he always does!

A few weeks prior, the girls had taken individual and team photos, but the photographer didn’t know if he would have them ready in time – he surprised me with the photos the day of the game; the athletic director had some blank certificates that I had signed to go with the pictures; and, the AD covered the cost of having food catered so we could feed the players and their parents… Ayyee, God is good!!

Although I wanted things to be a lot more organized as far as presentation and everybody being on the same page, everything still went well. However – being that we had a long break before the championship tournament and it was the last game the 8th graders would play in that gym – I expected a better performance than the girls put out. Granted, I allowed players like Jamie and DJ to play sooner and longer than they usually did due to it being senior night, so I’m sure it disrupted our normal rhythm. But hey, a win is a win and we finished the regular season 14-0. Continue reading “I Used to Love Him: From a Player’s to a Coach’s Perspective – The Finale”